Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Test knitting

A little peek at what I've got on my needles at the moment - my first test knit (via ravelry). I've been drawn to the test knitting group on ravelry for ages. I keep looking and thinking "No, I don't really have time right now" or "No, I don't really need one of those". Or, by the time I read the post 3 billion people have already offered to test. So it seemed a little bit like fate when I stumbled across this pattern, that I just LOVE, even though I really don't need it, and I probably should be finishing off some other projects! I think I was the first to offer my testing services, and even as a first-time-tester I was welcomed aboard!
It will be a beautiful shawl, I say it will be, I think it's already pretty gorgeous! The yarn is just lovely to knit with, and the pattern is very enjoyable. I'm flying though it, which is just as well as I'm working to a deadline!
And I've been scrubbing blocking mats today ready to block the green shawl that I finished last week!


  1. Lovely pattern, gorgeous colour. Wish I was a knitter.

    J xx

  2. Oh this is looking beautiful!!! I'm just like you, by the time I see a post on Ravelry for test knitting a bazillion people have already offered to help! I'm so glad you got the chance this time =D


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