Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Puppy Love

Another ta-dah post today!! I am on fire with finishing things off at the moment!!
A few weeks ago my very good friend got a puppy. I don't do puppies, or dogs. I'm a cat person. But that is not the point. The point is that puppies need blankets, just like babies do. Or at least they do in my head!! Before I show you the blanket I'll show you the puppy. This is a very unusual photo. It has me in it. Holding a puppy. Not something that happens often!!

Yes, ah, very cute! He was asleep and tiny. He is not tiny now, and not often asleep!
So the sight of his little bed with a towel in was too much for me.
"This puppy needs a blanket!" I cried, and off I rushed home to get started.
I had a bag of old acrylics, odd bits of different brands, a funny mix of colours. I discarded the pinks and the whites and was left with a fairly big pile, just right for a puppy blanket. I decided that a patchwork blanket would be most sensible as I had different amounts of each colour. Plus I really wanted to make a patchwork blanket - perfect excuse.
So I got started, using the fabulous join-as-you-go method.
A bit bright. A bit scratchy if I'm honest. But I'm sure it will be fine for a puppy!
Ooh, I have enjoyed making this blanket! So easy, and I had no problem with random!
The edge was as many rows of granny stripes as I could manage with the wool I had left! This was actually a pretty fun way of doing it - no planning, no worrying about which colours to use.
It's not the prettiest blanket in the world I know. But that was not what I made it for.
So here it is, all finished and enjoying a rare bit of sunshine in the garden...

And all folded up prettily...
99 four-round granny squares.
Very colourful!!


  1. That is the luckiest puppy in the world!!!! I think the colors you picked are perfect. It's really really pretty =D

  2. Love your blanket and the way you have described just 'making it' as you go along, that is quite liberating. The quilt was pretty amazing too.

  3. OH. MY. GOD. That photo of you + sweetest sleepy puppy ever is my new favorite thing in the universe. I hope you don't mind me stealing a copy for myself. :) The blanket is so sweet, I'm sure he'll love it to pieces!


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