Tuesday, 23 April 2013

A bit of knitting and a delivery

I managed to sneak a teeny-tiny bit of knitting in the garden today.
It has been a beautiful day, bright and sunny and warm.
My teeny-tiny bit of knitting was in the shade though. The sun had gone from our garden by the time I got home. But it was still nice and warm, so I made the most of the opportunity!
Nearly finished!
I had a lovely delivery today too!
Waiting for me when I got home was a squishy parcel.
Woo-hooo! Must be yarn!
Mmmmm. Alpaca. Ready for my next knitting project.
Miss M has a banana loaf in the oven so I'm going to sit and knit the last few rows of my little green shawl and enjoy the yummy smell :)


  1. What are you working on in the first picture? It looks like a very pretty shawl!!

    Love your new alpaca. The color is perfect! I'm also really jealous you got banana loaf too =P

    1. It is a pretty shawl! It's finished now, and I have to say I'm disappointed :( I'm going to block it to death and see if that helps! Photos soon!


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