Sunday, 24 February 2013

A New Quilt

I know, I haven't finished the 2 I started yet!

This quilt is the 'Saturday Sampler quilt' from my local fabric shop, Threads and Patches. It is the most incredibly good value! I paid just £30 to sign up. Each month we will get a little bit of the quilt, if we complete the blocks and take them along to the next session we get the next blocks for free. So as long as I turn up for class and do all my homework I will get the whole quilt top for £30! Bargain!

So here are my first blocks, complete and ready for class (which is not until next Saturday!)

So pretty! I can't wait to see what the March blocks are!


Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Another tick

Yes! Another WIP ticked off the list!
I have finally finished the hat, scarf and glove set requested by Miss M.
To be fair the hat has been finished for ages. And worn quite a lot.

The scarf was started just after Christmas but I kept putting it aside to do other things so that took a while too.

The gloves. 
Oh the gloves. 
I don't like the gloves. 
Such a disappointment. They looked great in the picture, they worked up really quickly, they were easy. But I don't like them. They look much better on than off, but even on they are baggy round the wrist. I could do them again, change the pattern a bit to make them less baggy.
 But I don't want to. 
I want to tick them off the list!!

So there they are, a complete set, finished.
Miss M is happy with them, so that is all that matters really.
Not sure I will let her choose her own patterns next time though!

February WIP list

Sampler quilt
Yellow hexagon quilt
Hat, scarf and gloves for Miss M
Mixed stitch crochet blanket

Hmm, the three things left on the list are pretty massive projects. Not sure they will be seeing a ta-dah post in the near future!

So I really need another project that won't take very long don't you think?!
I started this last night! :)



Monday, 18 February 2013

More presents!

Hello lovelies!

What a super-sunny day it is today :)
Just popping by to share a few more of my lovely Birthday gifts with you.

This amazingly gorgeous bag had a beautiful bunch of tulips and hyacinths in from a lovely friend. She gave them to me while we were out having 'Birthday Dinner' and I didn't realise until the next day that it is an Orla Kiely bag! I LOVE Orla Kiely! So obviously this is a 'keeping' gift bag now :) I have filled it with my presents from Miss M. 

 Naughty Miss M spent A LOT of money on me and I have still not decided whether I am thrilled with the presents or cross that she spent too much money.

My sister took her to our local fabric shop and she picked these out all by herself. 
So many things to make...

This fabulous book was from my sister. I love liberty fabrics and this book is beautiful, full of great ideas to add to my do-do list!

These cute little pin cushions would not take long to stitch up, surely I can make a couple over half term?!?!

This quilt is AMAZING!!! I want to make it.

This one too!
I want to make most of the things in this book!!

Technically this next gift was a Christmas present - a subscription to Patchwork and Quilting magazine. My first copy arrived this week, more things to add to that to-do list!

 This is very pretty!

I REALLY like this one too!

Where am I going to find the time for all these new projects????


Friday, 15 February 2013

My Birthday

As you probably guessed from my last photo it was my birthday last week!
I was very, very spoilt by Mr T, this is what was inside the big pretty box...

Big excited squeal from me!!

This is my favourite bit - speed control! My old machine had a very temperamental foot pedal, either painfully slow or so fast I couldn't keep up, with nothing in between! And how cute are the little tortoise and hare?!!!

So an awful lot of my spare time has been spent getting to know my new sewing machine. I haven't named her yet (she is definitely a she!) but I feel that she really should have a name. Any ideas?

So now I have mastered the basics on my new toy I have been doing some 'proper' sewing. I have quilted 2 more blocks for my sampler quilt.

Lots still to do, such a shame I will have to spend lots more time sewing!

Will share a few more birthday presents next time!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Saturday, 2 February 2013


It's February already! 
Not quite sure where January went!

So this is my new monthly 'what-I-have-achieved' post. Partly so I can do an amazing 'what-I-achieved-in-2013' post, partly to encourage me, motivate me, and just celebrate my little crafty creations :)

When I gathered up the photos for January I realised I had more than I thought (who knew I'd made so much?!) so I have split my photos into 'wooly' and 'quilty'

1. Flower brooches - complete 2. Mixed stitch stripey blanket - a few more rows! 3. Dolly clothes - complete 4. Miss M's scarf - about half way now!

1. Heart applique block - complete 2. Bargello block - complete 3. Dolly quilt - complete 4. Miss M's flower garden quilt - lots of progress 5. Rail fence bock - quilted 6. Folded bow tie block - quilted.

A few little projects have been completed, the larger ones are obviously going to take a bit longer. I have to have my sampler quilt finished in 5 weeks, then we have our final class where we add binding. So lots to do there! I have also taken on a few more new projects (although not actually started them yet)
Looks like February will be another month of flitting between projects!