Saturday, 2 February 2013


It's February already! 
Not quite sure where January went!

So this is my new monthly 'what-I-have-achieved' post. Partly so I can do an amazing 'what-I-achieved-in-2013' post, partly to encourage me, motivate me, and just celebrate my little crafty creations :)

When I gathered up the photos for January I realised I had more than I thought (who knew I'd made so much?!) so I have split my photos into 'wooly' and 'quilty'

1. Flower brooches - complete 2. Mixed stitch stripey blanket - a few more rows! 3. Dolly clothes - complete 4. Miss M's scarf - about half way now!

1. Heart applique block - complete 2. Bargello block - complete 3. Dolly quilt - complete 4. Miss M's flower garden quilt - lots of progress 5. Rail fence bock - quilted 6. Folded bow tie block - quilted.

A few little projects have been completed, the larger ones are obviously going to take a bit longer. I have to have my sampler quilt finished in 5 weeks, then we have our final class where we add binding. So lots to do there! I have also taken on a few more new projects (although not actually started them yet)
Looks like February will be another month of flitting between projects!



  1. Wow, a busy month for you! It's lovely to see your achievements laid out like that. Can't wait to see your completed quilt. xxx

  2. You have been busy and made lots of lovely things! I think the colours of your new crochet flowers are so delicious!
    Wishing you a happy week.
    Helen x


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