Monday, 25 March 2013

Le Challenge

I found this fab challenge a little while ago while reading the lovely selfsewn's blog. She will be joining le-challenge and I thought it looked fun!
A new challenge every month.
Any craft. Any craft!!!!
The project can be teeny-tiny small, or crazy big - so not too time consuming for those busy months.
I thought about it for a while.
Was I really prepared to 'join in' properly? Or should I do it but keep it quiet in case I fail miserably?
As you can see, I'm joining in. Properly.
I found out how to 'grab a button' and everything!! Look at it over there on the right! Looking good!!
Le Challenge
This month the theme is geometrics.
Perfect for my hexagon patchwork obsession!
I haven't decided yet what I'm going to make exactly.
It will almost certainly involve hexagons.
And maybe this little stash of fabrics...
Not a great photo - when will the Spring sunshine arrive????
So, my homework is due in on the 15th of April. As I wasted a good 10 days dithering about whether to join - I'd better get a move on!!
P.S. Finished Quilt ta-dah post coming VERY soon!!!!!!!

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Pink presents

Another tiny person has arrived! A lovely friend from school had a beautiful baby girl - the perfect excuse for me to play with pink yarn and threads.

This is the star blanket - I had wanted to make one for AGES so was super excited to get started. It was very easy, relaxing crochet. No counting, no fussing, just row after row of pretty pink crochet.

One beautiful little star blanket to keep a beautiful little girl snuggly and warm.

Now she needs a card to celebrate her birth, a keepsake recording the special day she was born.

Teeny-tiny fingers and teeny-tiny toes :)

Pretty pink to match her blanket.

Pink presents for a very beautiful little girl.


Friday, 1 March 2013


Well, February has flown by! 
Here is a little round up of the month

(1) I finished the hat, scarf and gloves for Miss M 
(2) Pretty applique block for Saturday Sampler quilt 
(3) This is the beginning of 'puppy love'  blanket
(4) Miss M's yellow hexagon quilt is nearly single bed sized now! I'll be adding the border soon :)
(5) Daffodils. There have been a lot of daffs in the house this month - they are my favourite flowers!
(6) My purple sampler quilt is almost finished, I really need some sunshine so I can take some pictures that don't make it look grey! 
(7) Pink and white star blanket is about half finished, hopefully it will be all-the-way finished in time for the baby it is intended for
(8) Machine pieced block for Saturday Sampler quilt 
(9) The gorgeous stack of fabrics Miss M bought for my birthday, I haven't made anything with them yet - unless you count making plans?!