Monday, 25 March 2013

Le Challenge

I found this fab challenge a little while ago while reading the lovely selfsewn's blog. She will be joining le-challenge and I thought it looked fun!
A new challenge every month.
Any craft. Any craft!!!!
The project can be teeny-tiny small, or crazy big - so not too time consuming for those busy months.
I thought about it for a while.
Was I really prepared to 'join in' properly? Or should I do it but keep it quiet in case I fail miserably?
As you can see, I'm joining in. Properly.
I found out how to 'grab a button' and everything!! Look at it over there on the right! Looking good!!
Le Challenge
This month the theme is geometrics.
Perfect for my hexagon patchwork obsession!
I haven't decided yet what I'm going to make exactly.
It will almost certainly involve hexagons.
And maybe this little stash of fabrics...
Not a great photo - when will the Spring sunshine arrive????
So, my homework is due in on the 15th of April. As I wasted a good 10 days dithering about whether to join - I'd better get a move on!!
P.S. Finished Quilt ta-dah post coming VERY soon!!!!!!!

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  1. That does sound like an amazing challenge... Might give it a go next year, if it's a yearly thing!


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