Saturday, 23 March 2013

Pink presents

Another tiny person has arrived! A lovely friend from school had a beautiful baby girl - the perfect excuse for me to play with pink yarn and threads.

This is the star blanket - I had wanted to make one for AGES so was super excited to get started. It was very easy, relaxing crochet. No counting, no fussing, just row after row of pretty pink crochet.

One beautiful little star blanket to keep a beautiful little girl snuggly and warm.

Now she needs a card to celebrate her birth, a keepsake recording the special day she was born.

Teeny-tiny fingers and teeny-tiny toes :)

Pretty pink to match her blanket.

Pink presents for a very beautiful little girl.



  1. Love it, really awesome! I've wanted to make one like this for ages, too. Hope there will be a reason soon!

  2. The star blanket is so gorgeous, a real treasure to keep. The card is lovely too - just love those fingers and toes!!
    Karen x

  3. These are beautiful - lucky Isabella x Jane

  4. Such lovely gifts! I also love the star blankets. Those teeny weeny feet and fingers are adorable! Abigail x

  5. i really like this! what pattern did you use?

  6. I looked at a couple of different patterns from ravelry and kind of combined them!! Sorry, I know that's not very helpful!


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