Sunday, 18 May 2014

One Hundred!

Well, as predicted, the pressure of my 100th post got to me! That and the fact that 4 of my current WIPs are secrets, so difficult to find things to share at the moment!

I thought about doing a bit of a round up of my finished projects so far this year, but then decided just to share this pretty EPP with you all instead. I do love a bit of patchwork, and I usually have several different projects on the go. This is quite a big one, long term-ish.
I took almost all my small scraps (from various places around the house!) and turned them into 3/4" hexagons. There are lots. Far more than the little pile in this photo!
Then I started stitching them into sweet little hexagon flowers, completely randomly.
I'm using invisible thread, something I have not tried before. I'm not massively keen on stitching with it, it is very plasticy and gets into funny tangles. It doesn't feel natural to sew with, like I'm fighting against it. But... those tiny little stitches are pretty much invisible - which I love!!
When I've finished making little flowers, there will hopefully be enough of them to sew together for a bit of a furniture make-over. I'm quite excited about it!!