Friday, 21 June 2013


Poor Miss M.
She is so desperate for her quilt to be finished she stole the end I wasn't quilting to snuggle under!!
Think I need to stitch faster :)


Saturday, 15 June 2013

Le Challenge - Maritime

Oh dear. So today is the day to enter our 'Maritime' projects.
Only one problem - this morning, I still had nothing to enter.
Unless you count a pile of maritime fabrics. Which I bought weeks ago, full of ideas about what I could make, worried that I didn't have enough fabric for all my ideas!
But then life got in the way. Work got busy. Home got busy.
There's not been much crafting at all in the past few weeks. Nor much blogging!
But never fear!
I managed to rustle up a last minute entry!
This is a novelty gift for Father's Day (so I'm really hoping my dad doesn't read my blog before I see him tomorrow!!) I used one of my maritime fabrics to make it qualify as my entry - two birds with one stone and all that!!

Not too bad considering I had NOTHING 2 hours ago!!!

Thursday, 6 June 2013

For my sister x

Last weekend it was my sister's birthday.
I had bought presents, lovely crafty presents :)
But I hadn't made her anything.
I felt a little uneasy about this. I like to make things. And she's my sister.
I mentioned this to her, that I wasn't sure what to make her, because everything I thought of she could make herself. She said that yes she could make these things for herself, but would she?!?!
Then the perfect idea came to me :)
My sister has a sewing room (of which I am massively jealous!) and she has been talking about making pretty things to decorate the room for ages.
So I made 3 pretty hoops for her to hang on the wall :)
And  of course, a handmade card!
I'm pretty sure she liked them too!!

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Kindle covers

Good morning!
It feels like I've been making these kindle covers FOR EVER!!
Although, I only started at Christmas with these two covers as presents for my mum and dad. I also made this one for my sister, and several others that I gave as gifts but was in too much of a hurry to take photos of!
So I decided, as I was getting so speedy at whizzing them up on the sewing machine, that they should make an appearance in my Folksy shop.
So here they are, my first batch of kindle covers for the shop :)

I have a rather lovely pile of fabrics waiting to be stitched up into more covers, but with school starting again tomorrow I don't think they'll be ready for a little while!