Thursday, 6 June 2013

For my sister x

Last weekend it was my sister's birthday.
I had bought presents, lovely crafty presents :)
But I hadn't made her anything.
I felt a little uneasy about this. I like to make things. And she's my sister.
I mentioned this to her, that I wasn't sure what to make her, because everything I thought of she could make herself. She said that yes she could make these things for herself, but would she?!?!
Then the perfect idea came to me :)
My sister has a sewing room (of which I am massively jealous!) and she has been talking about making pretty things to decorate the room for ages.
So I made 3 pretty hoops for her to hang on the wall :)
And  of course, a handmade card!
I'm pretty sure she liked them too!!


  1. Oh, I love them so much! I especially love the hexagons in the hoop, looking so simple and pretty, I would never have thought to just let them shine on their own like that! Lovely!

  2. These are lovely! What a nice gift.
    M x

  3. These are so lovely and the perfect gift!!! They will look wonderful in her sewing room =D

  4. Such perfect gifts I adore your crochet flower card - just perfect x


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