Saturday, 15 June 2013

Le Challenge - Maritime

Oh dear. So today is the day to enter our 'Maritime' projects.
Only one problem - this morning, I still had nothing to enter.
Unless you count a pile of maritime fabrics. Which I bought weeks ago, full of ideas about what I could make, worried that I didn't have enough fabric for all my ideas!
But then life got in the way. Work got busy. Home got busy.
There's not been much crafting at all in the past few weeks. Nor much blogging!
But never fear!
I managed to rustle up a last minute entry!
This is a novelty gift for Father's Day (so I'm really hoping my dad doesn't read my blog before I see him tomorrow!!) I used one of my maritime fabrics to make it qualify as my entry - two birds with one stone and all that!!

Not too bad considering I had NOTHING 2 hours ago!!!


  1. Snazzy! Great Father's Day gift and cool seagull fabric. Well done on squeezing in on the deadline.

  2. oh, I just love this. The fabric is so cute and I think its a great looking project

  3. Love your wine jacket - did you use a pattern? And I am sure your Dad will enjoy the Cab Sav too!

  4. This is so cool!! Nothing like a bit of pressure to make you do something amazing! And you get to have some maritime fabric in your stash too! Hourray! Thanks for participating in le challenge!

  5. Well done!! This is a great last minute gift. The fabric is so cute!!

  6. That is so brilliant! The wine looks very dapper!

  7. What a sweet idea. Love the fabric x

  8. Cute vest! You are a machine to get that done before the deadline. I could see this as a life vest too...cute!

  9. It is so funny and I love it! Your wine looks very happy in his new vest and I bet your Dad loved it. :) Great job!


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