Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Secret knitting

Finally - something I can share!
Honestly, working on all these secret projects is hard work! I have to think so carefully about what pictures I can post where, those of you that follow me on Instagram will be familiar with this little bit of knitting, because I know that the recipient of this gift is not on Instagram (Yes, I know, the actual recipient is only 8 months old so of course he isn't, but I mean his mum!!) 
So, this little jacket. For the same scrumptious little boy I made these blankets for way back in August before he was born, before his gorgeous family moved all the way to Australia.
Easy right? Well yes, actually. Pretty easy. After a few rows the pattern of knits and purls became second nature, nothing complicated there.
Quick too? It is baby sized after all. No. Not quick. At all. To the point where I was actually starting to worry that it wouldn't fit by the time I finished it!!
But it does! Hooray!
I finished it, sewed on the buttons and got it to the post office as soon as I possibly could as I knew it had a long journey. Two and a half weeks later I was woken up early in the morning (ok, not that early, I was being lazy!) by a very excited phone call from Australia! Secret knitting had arrived! The baby in question was asleep so I still didn't know if it actually fit him but it was so good to hear my lovely friend's voice from the other side of the world - even if I was extremely sleepy and confused for a few minutes!!
A few hours later photos appeared on Facebook of the lovely boy wearing his new jacket - it even has some growing room! Yay! 
It is apparently a bit chilly in Australia at the moment so it is perfect for keeping a crawling baby toasty and warm :)

I'm so glad it arrived safely, that it fits and most of all that my gorgeous friend likes it. I do miss her so.