Monday, 1 April 2013

Lessons in Lavender

Finally, a ta-dah post is here!! It would have been here last week but I am without internet!! I had no idea just how much I use it, I am missing it soooo much! So, today I am at Poppy Cottage, borrowing internet! Hopefully our new router should arrive soon and then normal internetting shall resume!
I have actually managed to completely finish 2 projects, so another ta-dah post will be coming really soon J
But for today, I’ll stick with just the one. Because it’s a big one. My quilt is finished!!
I started a ‘beginner’s sampler quilt’ course way back in October and my quilt has slowly grown, block by block over almost 6 months.
We used the quilt-as-you-go method, so until very recently I just had a pile of blocks, nothing that looked quilt sized! But now, it is massive.
The light in our house, unless the sun actually shines brightly, is terrible, so I brought my quilt to Poppy Cottage to be photographed (and to show it off to my parents!). Mum took the photos for me on her fancy camera, as I had only brought my little camera, which doesn’t seem to like the colours of my quilt and just makes it look grey and ucky.

So here it is, 6 months in the making…………


I have still got to embroider a label and sew it on to the back, but other than that it is totally, completely finished!! I am so happy! Also, I am very glad that I was stubborn about my fabric choices. Quite a lot of people (ladies in the fabric shop included) tried to persuade me to bring in another colour, but I had a very clear idea of what I wanted and it has turned out beautifully! I did add green to the back of the quilt though, a little surprise when you turn it over!!

So that’s it for ta-dah-ing today. I will be back with another ta-dah and lots of other project updates soon!  Hopefully our internet will be back with us soon, I miss blog-land so much!!


  1. How wonderful - even down to the green surprise as you turn it over. I'm always super impressed by those of you who can make something like this - it must take an incredible amount of skill and patience (sadly I'm short of both!) Also impressed by your very tidy bedroom - something else I aspire to! Jane x

  2. Well done! A real ta-dah moment indeed - it looks fabulous! Glad you stuck to your guns with the colour choice - it might have been too distracting. What's your next project?
    Karen x

  3. Your quilt is beautiful! And I love that you stuck to your guns and used only different shades of lavender for the front. It's perfect! And how lovely is that little pop of green on the back?!? I love it =D


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