Sunday, 28 April 2013

Dr Seuss

My sister loves Dr Seuss, so when I received a few squares of Dr Seuss fabrics they just had to be used to make something for her.
I was going to make a pin cushion, but thought cutting the fabrics would spoil them.
So I made her a kindle cover - cute!

I found a few other prints that seemed to match the craziness!

And a fantastic star shaped button that is just perfect!

Both front and back are quilted to give the kindle a little protection.

And I just couldn't resist a little pin cushion to match!
Do a kindle cover and a pin cushion need to match?!

If you look carefully you can see Henry's whiskers in this photo - he is such a nosey cat!!!


  1. Love the DR Seuss fabric, sure your sister will be thrilled with her new kindle cover :) xx

  2. Love the fabric, and the way you have incorporated it into your design for the kindle cover. Also the pin cushion is ace - you can't have too many of them.

    J xx

  3. LOL Henry =P
    I love the kindle cover! The star button is the perfect little embellishment :)


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