Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Saturday sampler - March blocks

Another late post!
These blocks were just finished for the April 6th deadline, I now have a little pile of fabrics waiting to be turned into April blocks.
I was full of good intentions and arranged a sewing day with my sister on Sunday so we could get started on these blocks. But then I slept funny and had the most painful neck EVER and couldn't even sit at my sewing machine let alone drive to my sister's house! So Sunday was spent hand sewing - bliss! There was fussy cutting and EPP and it made me very happy :) I will share these little projects with you soon!
But for now, here are my March blocks...

4 blocks so far...


  1. Fussy cutting and EPP? SQUEEEE!!!! I can't wait to see. Your March blocks are beautiful. i think the purple and green is my favorite =D

  2. Those hearts are sooooo sweet!


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