Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Another tick

Yes! Another WIP ticked off the list!
I have finally finished the hat, scarf and glove set requested by Miss M.
To be fair the hat has been finished for ages. And worn quite a lot.

The scarf was started just after Christmas but I kept putting it aside to do other things so that took a while too.

The gloves. 
Oh the gloves. 
I don't like the gloves. 
Such a disappointment. They looked great in the picture, they worked up really quickly, they were easy. But I don't like them. They look much better on than off, but even on they are baggy round the wrist. I could do them again, change the pattern a bit to make them less baggy.
 But I don't want to. 
I want to tick them off the list!!

So there they are, a complete set, finished.
Miss M is happy with them, so that is all that matters really.
Not sure I will let her choose her own patterns next time though!

February WIP list

Sampler quilt
Yellow hexagon quilt
Hat, scarf and gloves for Miss M
Mixed stitch crochet blanket

Hmm, the three things left on the list are pretty massive projects. Not sure they will be seeing a ta-dah post in the near future!

So I really need another project that won't take very long don't you think?!
I started this last night! :)



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  1. Those gloves are beautiful - no one would know they were baggy x Jane


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