Friday, 3 May 2013


1. My first shawl - finished :)
2. Mini hexagon bookmarks - so much fun!
3. Dr Seuss kindle cover
4. My first test knit (and my 2nd shawl!)
5. Working on my April quilt blocks (still, right now, the night before they are due in, oops!)
6. A pin cushion - I just couldn't help myself :)
7. Another kindle cover
8. Planning my 'Le Challenge' project
9. Fussy cutting EPP fun!


  1. Very productive and love the way the colours complement each other.

    J xx

  2. What a multi talented miss you are - I think that lot would take me at least a year! Lovely x Jane

  3. I love when you bundle up your months projects. They are all so pretty!!


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