Wednesday, 22 May 2013

A 'no-reply' blogger

Oh Blogger.
You have confused me so!!
A few people have mentioned to me that I am a 'no-reply' blogger.
I'll be honest, I ignored them. Didn't know what they meant. Didn't want to ask and look stupid.
I mentioned this to my lovely other-half. "Have you asked google?" he replied - this is quite a standard reply and, really, I should know to ask google myself by now!
I asked google, and google led me to this super helpful blog
I am no longer a 'no-reply' blogger!! :)
But still, what does it matter? Why do I need to not be a no-reply blogger? How can people reply to me? What's all this about emails? Surely replies just have to go into blogposts where the comments were left? (not that I do this very often because I'm not sure people actually check back to see if I commented on their comment?!)
So I did something quite unusual for me.
I asked for help.
AND - nobody called me stupid for doing it!!
I asked the lovely Sasha about all this nonsense, and she very kindly told me all about the email notifications I get about new comments (I don't ever look at THAT email account!) and how to reply to them.
So now, not only am I no longer a no-reply blogger, I am also able to reply to your comments in a way that you should see (unless you're stupid daft like me!)
I'm sorry that, up to this point, I have not replied to your lovely comments. It's not that I don't appreciate them, I really do! I get very excited when I see that I have new comments waiting for me :) I will try to be better, now that I know how to reply properly to you all!
Hmmm, can't possibly have a whole blogpost without photos though - what can I show you today? Maybe a sneaky peak at my latest finished project?!!
Swishy-swooshy washing line photos next time!


  1. Ohhh what is this latest pink project?? I might have to go and poke around on Ravelry =P
    I'm so so so happy that you are no longer a no reply blogger. This stuff can be so confusing. Don't ever feel silly asking for help!! And please don't think that I wasn't responding to comments you left on my blog. They are in an email black hole somewhere :( Not anymore though =D

  2. Thought I'd give you a comment to reply to.

    I'm still learning about how to use this comutery thing too. I look at others blogs and wonder how they did that, or that. I suppose we get through somehow.

    All the best

    1. Thanks! I'm replying to you here because you are a no-reply blogger too!!!

    2. Thank you 'Henry', hopefully mine is ok now too. I am getting comments into my gmail account, so wasn't aware I had a problem, just like you. One day I'll get the hang of this thing. I find that things move rather swiftly, you find out how to do something then a newer version pops up and it's back to square one.
      Thank you one again.
      J xxx

  3. Don't feel bad, I totally don't understand about this either. :)

  4. That was me too... until someone told me that I was a no-reply blogger today (I didn't realise I was) and I remembered your post, followed the link and made myself a reply blogger.
    So thanks for this post and the link :)


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