Saturday, 18 May 2013

Finding time

Today I finally found the time to prepare Miss M's hexagon quilt for quilting.
I knew I would need a while (and a big space) so I waited for the weekend :)
I began by cutting a beautiful vintage sheet to the right size for the backing.
The sheet, by the way, was found in a charity shop by my lovely friend Julie, who just knew that it would be perfect for this project! Thanks Julie, you were soooo right!!
Then I began pinning the centres of the hexagon flowers.
I tacked the border and then peeled the whole thing from the carpet - it really was a case of peeling as I managed to pin a fair few bits of carpet too!!
It already feels so lovely and quilty!
Can't wait to get quilting! :)


  1. That's beautiful... the colours and fabrics are gorgeous :)

  2. The sheet matches perfectly - can't wait to see the result! Jane x

  3. Ooooh it looks amazing & Julie picked a fantastic fabric for you! Hope you're starting to love the blanket a little more now, you should :)

  4. Looking good. That is a great backing. Can't wait, it would look great in my trailer tent that needs a revamp. Jo x

  5. That sheet is the perfect backing!!!! I can't believe what a perfect match it is! I can't wait to see it all finished up =D

  6. Eep! :) (Though I really think Christa saw the potential before I did, I can't take credit there!)


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