Sunday, 26 May 2013


We have some sunshine at last!!
As promised, there are swishy-swashy washing line photos today :)
My first test knit is finished! I actually finished it a while ago, but the rain made taking photos difficult, and it is not quite as it should be so I've been a bit slow to share.
The beginnings of this project are all in this post.
It was lovely to knit, just enough twiddly stuff to keep it interesting, but not so much that I had to concentrate too hard!
It was all going beautifully until the edge.
Urgh, the edge.
I had to google a few things, although I consider myself to be a fairly experienced knitter there were a couple of things in the pattern that I hadn't done before.
But that was fine, online tutorials and videos are amazing!!
But it still didn't seem right.
I plodded on, hoping (as I often do) for a blocking miracle!
Sadly I didn't get one this time :(
There was a mistake in the pattern, which is fine - I'm test knitting, I expect mistakes. But combined with my lack of knowledge of the stitches used in this section, I didn't see that it was a mistake.
By the time one of the other testers noticed the mistake I had already finished and blocked it, so I decided I wouldn't rip it back and fix the problem. I find the thought of all that backwards knitting very traumatic!
So I will live with it as it is, beacuse it is still very beautiful!
A beautiful, squishy, alpaca snuggle - which clearly I won't need if the sun keeps shining!
It will be perfect in the autumn, and by then I may have even knit another one, with a proper scalloped edge :)


  1. Beautiful knit, and congratulations on your first test knit turning out so well!

  2. Oh I think it turned out beautiful!!! It's the perfect shade of pink and Oh my gosh and it's alpaca!!! I bet it is so squishy soft. And where ever that mistake is, I don't see it. I don't think anyone will even notice!!

  3. I think it's wonderful. I don't think anyone will notice when it's being worn. Well done.


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