Monday, 6 May 2013

Hexagon quilt top

I started this quilt for Miss M way back in September last year. I intended to have it finished for her birthday in November. Then I thought I might get it done for Christmas! No such luck, it has taken a LOT longer.
A couple of months ago I finished the middle panel, and realised I had managed to lay out my hexagon flowers in the most complicated way EVER! I was a bit cross with myself, I have no idea how I managed it!
So the edge was tricky, really hard to try and square up enough to make the quilt into a rectangle. I got a bit discouraged, stuffed it in a corner for a while. Every time I pulled it out it made me cross so I stuffed it away again.
Then on Saturday I decided. Just like that. I WILL finish the quilt top this weekend. And I did! Yay me!!!! I'm so relieved, so glad it is over, which makes me a bit sad because I should love it. Hopefully as I start to quilt it I will begin to love it again.
I finished it just in time to take to my mum's for a BBQ. I sat in her garden and took out the papers. Then I managed to photograph it in the last little bit of sunshine :)
I had a little bit of help...
I just need to quilt it now....


  1. Your quilt is GORGEOUS!!!! Seriously!!! I bet Miss M loves it =D
    p.s. I love the kitty picture too =D

  2. Thanks Sasha! Miss M has been a very good girl waiting for me to finish it! I'd better get quilting! :)
    Oh, and that is one of my mum's cats, her name is Maddie and she is beautiful!!!!

  3. It's so beautiful, Karen!!

  4. So fresh and pretty...and I love how you've done the border!
    Helen x


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