Friday, 21 February 2014

At the moment.

At the moment I am struggling with WIPs. My 'finish loads of stuff in 2014' mission started pretty well. I finished my Saturday Sampler quilt, stars mini-quilt, a pin cushion and that cardigan. 4 finishes by February, pretty good. But now it feels like ages since I finished anything, I'm starting to worry. Will 'that pile' in the corner ever get any smaller? Can I win this battle?!?!

I've got a few projects 'active' at the moment - and I really hope at least one of them will be finished soon!

This one has been a WIP for, ooh, about 18 months! I don't like working on it, too many pale colours on a pale background, blahh. But I'm nearly done! I've really stuck at it this time and now I'm on the LAST LETTER!! Sorry, this makes me very happy!!
The big blanket. I had a major, massive push on this project and got quite a bit more done. Also really hurt my hands. Urgh - no crochet for me for a little while :( 
Lots of EPP. 
I have so many EPP projects going on, big ones, little ones, quick ones, long term ones.
 Some look almost finished, I am hopeful!! 
This one lonely swoon block has been finished for ages. All the fabric is cut for the other 3 (I'm only making 4 blocks for a wall hanging). The half square triangles are ready. The flying geese are ready. I just need some time...
I love swoon. 
There might have to be a whole swoon quilt one day. Not yet though - too many projects to finish!
There is another problem though. 
Along with 'finish loads of stuff in 2014' I foolishly resolved to 'give more hand made gifts in 2014'. Which means I have to start more projects. 


  1. Swoooon - I'm exhausted! You must be working around the clock to get so many things done! Question though - what is an EPP? Exciting patchwork piece? Elegant puppy project? Jane x

  2. Wow; looks like you're making major progress on stuff, though! And doing waaaaaay better at finishing things than I am.... I keep starting more, and never finishing any! But I love that cross-stitch project - the sheep are just the cutest!

  3. Well done on finishing so many already. It's the way I work too. I have so many things I want to do, I flit from one to another, starting each with great enthusiasm, get smitten with something else, and, well you know the rest of the story. Looking forward to seeing you ticking them off one by one.
    S xx

  4. What a cute star-hexie!!! :) (Please pretend I'm not, like, 20 days late catching up on blog posts!)


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