Monday, 10 February 2014

Another Big Blanket

Quite some time ago my in-laws asked if I would crochet them a blanket to go on their bed in their new house. Not just any new house either, their new house in Corfu - holidays here we come!! Of course I agreed, we talked about different designs and colours, and I left them to make their choices. Some time passed, and I think it was about October when I started the blanket.

Hmmm, the colours are not quite right in this photo!!
I admit, I failed to see the need to rush. Oops. They left for Corfu last week. Without a blanket. It's only about half finished, naughty me.

So now I really must get it finished. The cardigan from hell has been finished and gifted, and I don't have any more projects-with-deadlines on the go. So crochet it is. Lots and lots of crochet.


  1. That is a gorgeous rich coloured blanket. As it's late you may have to deliver it in person. He he
    S xx

  2. Amazing! I love it. What's the pattern? x

    1. Thanks! It's just a bit made up really :) I have used a combination of granny stripes, hdcs and clusters of 4 dcs - and then been pretty random with the number of rows and the colour selection! x


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