Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Linnea. Or the cardigan from hell.

I like hand made presents. I like the process of choosing and making something with a person in mind, I like that it says more than "I popped out to the shops and bought you this." I admit, it's not always easy, some people are really hard to make for, some people don't appreciate hand made, sometimes there just isn't the time. But I really wanted to make/give more hand made last Christmas. It didn't happen. There were a few home made gifts, but not as many as I had hoped for.

This year, there will be more. I will be better prepared. I will plan. I have already started to write lists of ideas. And, of course, there are lots of birthdays between now and Christmas!

Following this decision I decided at the beginning of January that I would knit a cardigan for a very special little girl I know who will turn 3 on the 1st February. I spent quite a long time looking through Ravelry for the perfect pattern. I finally decided on Linnea, I love the pretty shape, and it has mock cables so I thought it would be super quick and easy. No problem to knit in less than a month.

Oh, how wrong I was! The pattern was flawed from beginning to end. I had to rip back at least 3 times. I spent ages looking up terms I had never heard of (Google hadn't heard of them either), I had to change bits of the pattern, make up a few bits, ask for help on Instagram. Not what I expect when I have bought a (not cheap) pattern.

But, because I wanted it finished so badly I kept on going! Once I got past the division for the sleeves it went pretty quickly. There are a few mistakes. Little ones. They annoy me. I will have to try REALLY hard not to point them out when I gift it, because, chances are, her mum won't even notice, it's just because I know they're there!!

I was worried that it didn't look like it was going to be big enough, thought for a while that all my perseverance would be for nothing! But blocking worked like magic and I'm thrilled with how it has turned out. Love the buttons too, they are just perfect.

I have enough yarn left to make another one. Will I? No #$&@ing way!!! I will find another pattern to use it with!

Now all that's left to do is wrap it up and give it to the birthday girl!


  1. What a super cute cardigan! I'm intrigued with your mock cables, not come across those yet! Well done getting through all the phaff with the pattern :-) I completely understand getting frustrated with small mistakes, I tend to point them out too and then get frustrated with myself for pointing them out!! What a gorgeous gift :-) x

  2. That is gorgeous! Lovely knit :) Shame about all the problems with the pattern - I do get so frustrated when you pay for a pattern only to find there are a load of problems with it... but you've done an amazing job despite it all!

  3. This little cardigan looks lovely, and worth all the stress of its creation! You did a great job.
    Helen xx

  4. Ah, so that's what you were making, it's lovely and you have stamina, I would have given up and swapped patterns if it was that flawed, hats off to your perseverance. Lucky little girl! Fiona


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