Saturday, 22 March 2014

Mini Swoon

At last! I have a finished project to share!

This project began after a Saturday morning stitchy get-together with some lovely ladies. Julie (from button-button) had a huge bag of fabric scraps (sorry Julie, I don't remember where they came from!) They were very small scraps, only really useful for small EPP projects. Julie spread them all out on the table and told us to help ourselves - Oh! What fun!! We each came away with a lovely selection of fabrics and a promise to make a mug rug.
My first though was to try and EPP a tiny swoon block. And I was so silly and excited about it that I didn't tell, I kept it quiet! Later I drew out a tiny swoon pattern just 8" square. Over the next few weeks I wrapped each of the 100 tiny squares and triangles in little scraps of fabric and then stitched them all back together.
I really wanted to hand quilt my little swoon, but it kept getting put aside to work on other things. Then a few weeks ago I pulled it out to take with me to 'Patchwork People' - I needed a little hand sewing project to work on during the day. I bought some beautiful threads when I arrived and then set to work.
It was sooooo much fun to quilt!! It was finished all too soon. 
All I had left to do was stitch down the binding and it was finished! My mini swoon mug rug.
Except, now I really don't think it can be a mug rug. What if I spill tea on it? It's far too beautiful to be ruined by tea stains! 
So now it is a finished mini swoon with no purpose. I may hang it above my sewing machine, start a little collection of pretties to look at while I sew.
Oh, and then this happened when I was taking photos!
Hi Henry! :) 


  1. That is really marvellous. Well worth the effort put into it. I love to do one myself, but where will I find the time.........
    S xx

  2. The quilting looks beautiful! I was just thinking I might use my scraps (if I can remember where I put them!) and make my challenge mug rug as a little testing-the-new-sewing-machine project!

    (Hi, Henry's fuzzy little feets! I want to eat those little toes right up.)

  3. That is gorgeous...hang it on the wall so that you get to enjoy it!! Sarah xo

  4. Hi, I love your blog, is beauty, I love the colors, I love your crochet, visit my blog too,hugs from Brazil.

  5. I love the colors and the hand stitching is beautiful!


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