Sunday, 20 January 2013

This week...

This week has been chilly!! Started with a very snowy Monday. I didn't work Monday, just sat and watched the snow falling and stitched the next block for my sampler quilt.

This block is hand stitched, most of the others have been done on the machine. I love hand stitching and really enjoyed these sweet hearts! And love this thread!

I have 8 of the 9 blocks finished now. I have added framing and sashing to them all and they look so pretty! I took a photo of 7 of them laid out, to give me an idea of what the finished quilt will look like. It's a very poor photo, taken in the evening, but I'll show you anyway! Just because I love it so much! 

Oh dear, my Christmas box has found its way into the photo. That really needs to go up in the loft...
The heart block will go in the bottom left hand corner and the space is for the final block, which is a bargello. I started it in class on Saturday. Hopefully it will be finished very, very soon!

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were pretty average school days. I managed a bit of knitting in the evenings. Friday brought snow again! Most schools in our area closed at lunch time. I had a very 'interesting' journey home at 12.30 - I'm not keen on driving at the best of times! Miss M also finished at lunch time but then disappeared off to Grandma's house (Grandpa finished work early to make the journey home to their village and took Miss M with him!) 

Saturday I braved the snowy roads again to go to my quilting class. Once I got out of our street the roads were all fine so not too traumatic this time! Class was great, as it always is! Bargello block is about half done, will post a picture when I finish it :)

And now it's Sunday again, and it is snowing again! It has snowed ALL day, so I have had a lovely time knitting in the warm. I finished the little yellow dolly dress I was making, it has had a little swim and is now pinned out drying so hopefully pictures of that soon too!

While I have been knitting today I have been gazing at my pot of daffs. I bought them almost 2 weeks ago in IKEA and they have grown and grown and grown! I was starting to think they would never flower but today a bud opened! Hooray!!

Can't wait to see them in the morning, see how much more they open up!

So, I have another snow day tomorrow, lots of schools have already announced that they are closed due to snow. Miss M's school hasn't decided yet - she WILL be cross if I get a snow day and she doesn't!! Should be able to get lots done tomorrow, crafty stuff you understand, not housework or anything boring!!

Keep warm!


  1. I'm hearing snow stories all over blogland and I must say I'm just a teeny bit envious as we're suffering bush fires and hot, hot days. Your quilt is looking beautiful. And love your daffodil photos.

  2. Love the block! Beautifully stitched. Can't wait to see the quilt. Now's great for guilt free crafting - what else can you do on such days?! What sort of school do you work in? Abigail x

    1. Thanks Abigail, I'm pretty excited about it being finished too! I teach in a very lovely primary school. They have their moments but they're lovely most of the time!! x

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