Sunday, 27 January 2013

I finished something!

It has been another week of flitting between projects, which is fine, because I know it won't be for long. I know that a couple of the smaller things I have on the go will be finished soon and I can concentrate on getting some of my bigger projects finished. But for now, there isn't much visible progress!

But I did finish one little dolly dress. I started another almost immediately but that is not the point! 

I love this dress! Love the pattern, love the super-soft baby 4 ply, love the soft yellow colour. All makes me very happy :) I knitted it on circular needles which I normally try to avoid, but it has quite a full skirt, knitted in one piece so it would have been a real squish on straight needles.

We had some sunshine today, actual, real sunshine! So I rushed outside so get some sunny photos. Had to stay on the patio though, now the snow has melted I have very, very soggy grass!!

Pretty little yellow buttons :)

Beautifully modelled by one of Miss M's dollies!!

The next little dress I started is very nearly finished. It is a bit shorter so I'm going to make some little leggings to go with it too. Here it is so far...

I'm a bit disappointed that the pretty pink pattern doesn't really show up, the pink is too pale :( But it has been another very quick and pleasurable knit!

Well, I'd better get back to stitching - hopefully some hexagon patchwork progress photos very soon!



  1. Well done you, the best dressed dolly ever!

  2. Beautiful! I loved my knitted dolly dresses when I was little. Abigail x


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