Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The other secret project

Good morning blog-land! I hope you are all having a good start to 2013!
You may remember, towards the end of 2012 that a lot of my time was spent on 'secret projects'. Two projects that I couldn't blog about, for fear of ruining surprises! The first was a crocheted blanket for a very lovely friend. And today I'm sharing with you the second. The hardest secret to keep. A secret project for Miss M. Have you ever tried to make something in secret for someone you live with? I don't think I have before, maybe little things, but not a major project like this one. It was hard work. Soooo hard in fact, that I failed to finish before Christmas. Failed quite spectacularly actually!!
This is what Miss M got on Christmas morning (not her only present, don't worry!)

A shoe box full of hexagon flowers.
All in different yellow fabrics.
Now, if someone gave me a shoe box full of hexagon flowers I would be THRILLED!! But Miss M is 13. I was fairly certain that if I had presented her with a finished quilt on Christmas morning she would be really happy. For a while I thought I might manage to get the quilt top finished and that would be ok too. But just the bits of a quilt? Would she be able to imagine the finished project? Would she be disappointed? Would she think her mother was a bit mad?!

All my worries were for nothing.
She was excited about all those pretty flowers.
She could see what they were going to be.
And she did love it.

She enjoyed having a bit of a play about with the hexagons Christmas Day, and then I started to sew them together. Which is soooo much easier to do now that she knows! No more secret sewing while she showers! No more waiting until she goes to sleep to pull out my box of fabrics!

So this is where I have got to. It almost covers our kitchen table. I decided when I started to use quite big hexagons. Much as I love teeny-tiny ones I knew it wouldn't be finished in time if I used them, so went a bit bigger. These hexagons are about an inch and a half, so each flower measures just over 7 inches.

It is so lovely, so pretty.
I have enjoyed it so much already, and I'm sure I will continue to enjoy it as it grows.
And the best bit is that Miss M loves it too!


  1. What a lovely response from your daughter and how exciting for her to see the process of her 'surprise' coming together.

  2. Have just discovered your blog. You have been making some lovely things. What a lovely idea to give some become flowers, I wish I had thought of it too! Jille xx

  3. Stunning and gorgeous and of course your daughter loves it. I have had a hard time making things for people in the house, except here you can do things and nobody notices what you are actually sewing/crocheting etc, so say nothing and they are none the wiser! Enjoy finishing it off, perfect for spring. I am a yellow lover. Fiona

  4. Lovely sunny hexagons! They will make a gorgeous quilt. Wishing you a very Happy New Year!
    Helen x

  5. Aaah, I really need to learn quilting. This looks so stunning that I want my own...

  6. This is so pretty, glad Miss 13 appreciated your hexagon flowers Christmas morning : -)

  7. Aw, how lovely! It's like Christmas is still going as she watches her amazing quilt come to life.
    Abigail x


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