Sunday, 13 January 2013


Hello! I have resolved my technical issues - many thanks to the kind advice from winkels crazy ideas :)

It has been a busy week here at Henry's Shed. Monday saw Miss M and I go back to school, so crafting time has once again been cut short. I have found myself flitting between projects this week, I think there is a chance I may have too many things on the go at the moment! I like to have choices, but I do feel a bit like I'm not achieving anything because I don't spend a lot of time on any one thing. But with my new determination to take lots of photos I will be able to see the progress that I make! Hooray!

So here is a little peek at my current WIPs. There are a few more things that are started but have been put away for a rest :)

I finished another block for my sampler quilt. This time - pinwheels.

Apologies for the quality of the photos - I am trying to get better I promise! The colours are actually not this washed out.

Next, a little bit of knitting. Another dress for a dolly! This time in 4ply on 3mm needles so it is working up fairly slowly.

I do love the pattern though, very pretty and super easy!

Ahh - something I forgot to share with you before Christmas! Miss M picked out a pattern for a hat, a scarf and some gloves. I finished the hat way before Christmas and it has had lots of outings. I started the scarf this week as something small to take to my knitting group.

Miss M's quilt has a few more flowers sewn on :)

And there has been some progress with the mixed stitch blanket.

Looking at it all here it does seem like a lot!! It's progress from about last Wednesday so just over a week of crafting. A couple of the projects have deadlines, which means I shall probably have to put a couple aside for the next few weeks. I'm looking forward to finishing a few projects and having some ta-dah moments! We do have some snow forecast for this week, so maybe schools will close and I'll be able to stay home and be busy!!


  1. Great projects on the go, and you're making progress with them all so don't worry!! I currently have 19 WIPs and I have a little list of them on my side toolbar so I can add to it (!!!) or take away as I finish something. It's a good little reminder to keep on track : -)

  2. Crumbs, that is a lot! Love the patchwork and the mixed stitch blanket, you have made amazing progress, it looks fabulous! I need to get my sewing machine out

  3. I am agog at how much you've been up to! I love the colours of the hat and scarf, the quilt's looking beautiful and the dolly knitting is a beautiful pattern.
    Abigail x


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