Monday, 5 November 2012


Yesterday Miss M turned 13!
My baby girl!!!
So it has been a busy weekend, filled with girly celebrations.
Friday evening Miss M and 3 of her girlies went ice skating. Afterwards we brought them back home for pizza and cake.
I made a marble cake, but then totally ran out of time so had to turn the decorating over to Miss M. Which she loved obviously! So the marble cake turned into a chocolatey chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and chocolate decorations, mmmmmmm!

They destroyed it in record time!!
I thought at 13 the girls were probably a bit big for party bags, so I made a few pencil cases/make-up bags and filled them with sweets. They were a big hit!

Saturday evening there were lots of presents and a lovely family meal at our local Indian restaurant, Miss M's favourite :)
Sunday I got myself back into the kitchen for some more baking. Miss M was banned as this was to be a surprise cake. It did take me pretty much the whole day! Once it was finished and iced Miss M was allowed to see.

We took the cake with us to our friends for our annual fireworks gathering.

Miss M had a little accident whilst helping with the younger children and managed bash into the handle of the buggy and split her lip on her teeth. Poor birthday girl! She was a bit sad for a while but the cutting of the cake cheered her up!!

I think it turned out ok!
Miss M has gone back to school today, complete with a sore lip :(
I'm catching up with some crochet today! Hopefully a ta-dah post will follow later this week!


  1. Where's MY cake? After all I did give you the recipe!!! xxx

  2. Happy Birthday! What a fabulous cake....I am just packing up a student's "care package" to send off to my very nearly 20yo...where does the time go?

  3. Happy Birthday to your TEENAGE girl!!! Sounds like a fun birthday (except for the lip). Love your teenage version of the take-home bag (will have to remember that for next May). x


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