Monday, 29 October 2012


Hello lovely bloggers!
It seems like AGES since I have been here, I have worked far more than I anticipated over the last few weeks which has left me very little crafty time :(
Add to that the secret, un-bloggable projects I have on the go and I find myself with nothing to write about!!!
But I have found a few moments to crochet up these little lovelies.

I had been playing about with a few different keyring ideas and my mum asked me to make her a poppy keyring. Quite obvious really if you read her blog poppycottage48 !!
So I fiddled about for pretty much a WHOLE DAY until I was happy with my poppy. And happy I am! I really love it. I made 2, with the only 2 large black buttons that I had in my button box.

But then I decided that my poppy would make a really pretty brooch (I hate that word SO much, but can't think of an alternative!) 
So I ordered lots more black buttons and some brooch backs and set to work!

Miss M has one on her school blazer...

and my mum has one too!

I'm obviously wearing one too but am staying very much on THIS side of the camera thank-you very much.
I made quite a few.
They are fun.
Quick and pretty.
A real change from my 2 big secret projects.
And my 'me' blanket that has been totally neglected lately!!
The rest of them can be found in my folksy shop and will hopefully be joined by some Christmasy goodies soon.
Just as soon as I finish this blanket...

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  1. Love you poppies!! And don't you love getting so involved in something that a whole day goes by? You don't like the word 'brooch'? It is a bit of a weird one, some people just say 'pin' but that doesn't seem enough somehow ... you'll have to come up with a new word!!!


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