Wednesday, 3 October 2012


How am I supposed to make any progress on my blanket when this happens?!

He seems to think I put the blanket on my lap just for him to snuggle up on!

And he wasn't too happy when I yanked out the wool from underneath him!!

Ah, Henry!!!!
P.S. please excuse photos, couldn't really get up and get the camera with Fat Henry on me so just used my mobile!!


  1. Youngest keeps telling me how cute a kitten would be playing with my wool, she lobs it about to demonstrate and totally confirms the fact I never ever want a cat getting in the way! Blanket is looking fab and I absolutely love your blog header, I just spied it, has it been there long?

    1. He can be a bit of a pain!!

      Header has only been up a few days! Took ages to get it right!

  2. Haha, such a naughty cat!Something similar happens when I lay my ripple on the floor to measure it. Little guy jumps on it and refuses to leave because it is sooooo cuddly. Never mind that he doesn't like blankets to sleep under....

  3. Excuse me Henry, but we really do want to see that gorgeous blanket!

  4. Me once again to tell you that your blog has been awarded:

    and of course I can't wait to see your further progress. Really hope Henry let you work on your blanket

  5. Your header and your blanket are great! I love your way of colours. Greetings from Germany. Sabine.


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