Sunday, 14 October 2012

Hexagon pencil case

I made this for Miss M.
To cheer her up after a bad week at school.
I let her loose in my box of fabrics, and she chose LOTS!!
Then I had lots of fun making the teeny little hexagons.
And she had lots of fun setting them out in a pattern that she liked.

We chose a lining that wouldn't show any pencil marks inside.

 And a plain back to save time!

I had a navy blue zip that I was going to use, but then Miss M found this rather lovely red one while we were shopping.
I think it looks pretty good!


  1. She is a lucky girl, I would still love to have this for when I go back to school! One day I shall have a go at patchwork. Abigail x

  2. Such a lovely project! Thanks so much for visiting me's good to discover your blog, and I love the name!!
    Helen x

  3. Very cute pencil case and lovely that your girl had such imput.


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