Friday, 9 November 2012

Birthday Blanket ta-dah!

Yay! One of my secret projects is finished!
This blanket is for my very lovely friend's birthday.
Which is today!
So now I can show you!
Although I very nearly didn't finish it in time!
The colours were secretly matched to the colours in her lounge and I worked away quietly, stripe after stripe after stripe.
It was a very lovely, relaxing pattern. A bit ripple-ish.
Lots of photos now.

Now I can get on with Christmas stitching!!

ETA - I forgot to tell you about the stitch I used for this blanket (thanks for reminding me Fiona!) I found the pattern here when I was searching and playing with ideas and totally fell in love with it! I decided against the border though, as it was a bit too frilly for the simple look I was after. xx


  1. How secretive are you! It's lovely, love the colours, what stitch is it? I especially love the homespun look edging, that is not supposed to sound rude btw! Fiona

    1. Thanks Fiona! I have added a link to the pattern for the stitch I used. It was very lovely to do if you fancy giving it a go!
      Karen x

  2. Karen, your blanket is lovely!! What a lucky friend you have to receive this : -)

  3. You have a very lucky friend! I love the warm, Autumnal colours and the stitch is really effective. I think you were right not to have a frilly border with those colours.

    Abigail x


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