Saturday, 15 September 2012

Vintage Stripe baby blanket

I have, at last, finished my vintage stripe blanket. It feels like it has taken AGES but I know (because Ravelry told me) that it actually took less than 3 weeks. This was a special request for my friend, to be given as a gift to her sister, who is expecting a baby boy very soon.
It was not a bad blanket to make, the vintage stripe is very easy and was good for in the evenings when I was tired (no brain work required). But... all those ends!! And what to do with them?! I know Heather talked about the ends on her vintage stripe a while ago, but was still unsure what to do! In the end (and after lots of fiddling about on a tester square!) I worked 2 rows of half trebles and then wove all the ends into that. I chose the darkest colour for the edge to try to hide them all! It's a bit bulky because there are SO MANY ends in there, but it looks ok!
So here it is, my blue-grey vintage stripe baby blanket.

 I hope she likes it!


P.S. I have been asked for an update on my mixed stitch stripey blanket. I PROMISE I will post pictures very soon. This blanket took priority for a while, but now it is finished so I can get back to my stripes!



  1. I love it, and I love how you photographed it too. Lucky friend and baby! But oh those ends, that's enough to put me off having a go at one!

    1. Thanks Fiona, I am getting better with the photos! It's never really been my 'thing' but blogging has made me improve!! LOVE this collage thing! Makes me very happy!
      Karen xx

  2. Wow Karen, less than three weeks? It looks gorgeous, and soft and drapey ... perfect for a little bub!

  3. I've seen it and felt it and smelt it and it is yummy! H is going to love it! xxx


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