Thursday, 20 September 2012

Mixed stitch stripey blanket update

Here it is, as promised, an update on my blanket!
This is where I was, last time I posted a photo.
Having lots of fun with all my pretty colours!

Having waited SO impatiently for little woollie's next post about this blanket I got started pretty much straight away.
The chevron pattern went well, I was a bit alarmed at how purple the blanket started to look but as soon as I put some more rows on top the colours started to balance out a bit.

I was not happy. The more I looked at it the more unhappy I was with it.
It wasn't the colour, or the stripes.

It wasn't even the wiggly, uneven edges.
No, it was the curl.
Since adding the 6 rows of sc (dc uk) the blanket was curling, the sc was tighter than the rest of the stitches.

So I left it.
Looked at it.
I would spread it out on the carpet and look at it while I did other projects.

But I still didn't like it.
I worried about ripping back 6 rows.
I worried more that if I carried on, I might end up ripping back a lot more than 6 rows!

I chatted to the lovely Fiona on Ravelry and she suggested I try a bigger hook for my sc rows.
So I bravely ripped back 6 rows!
But then for some unknown reason I decided to work in hdc (htr uk) instead of sc.
and I'm MUCH happier with it now!
So this is where I was last time I had the camera out.

I've done a few rows since, but still not quite completed up to the end of the 2nd post.
And now there's a 3rd post!!!!
I need to get crocheting.
So, who else is tackling this blanket?
I know Trudy and my mum are, but I'd love to know who else is - and see their pictures obviously!!!


  1. Brilliant Karen, and you were right to worry and wait and change it and now you are happy it will all flow. There is nothing worse than wishing at the end you had taken an evening to redo the small bit that wasn't right. I have regretted that in the past. I would love to crochet along with you but dare not start another project just yet!

    Fiona x

  2. BTW did you need the bigger hook with the hdc? I am in such serious danger of joining you in this! :o

    1. No, used same size for hdc. My mum has used a bigger size for the sc though and it has loosened it a bit - thanks for the tip!

  3. Hi Karen
    Your blanket is looking gorgeous! Love your colours, it's looking really pretty. I had exactly the same problem. In fact I could put my crochet on the floor and it formed a perfect circle!! Chatted to Fiona about it and I did undo all but the first 5 rows, and then re-crocheted using a different sized hook, but I'm really thinking it is my first 5 rows that are the problem!! Anyway, I'm just keeping on and trusting in the 'blocking' process at the end (even though I've never blocked anything before). I need to put my skates on now and catch up, I'm about 6 colour rows behind you!! And I'm absolutely dreading the bobble row. Apart from all that, I'm LOVING IT!!!!! ; -)

  4. It looks gorgeous, I'm dying to do one of these, dont know if i should though, have so many wips on the go, think I will, yours looks amazing & I'm inspired :)
    Karen x

  5. Your blanket looks really nice! The stitches look so professional!
    With what size hook and yarn are you crocheting?
    I admire your courage to take out six rows. I always hurts a bit, but in the end you feel really happy once you crocheted that six rows and it looks a lot better!
    I think I will come back here and follow your progress of your blanket!
    I'm also crocheting the blanket and trying to keep up!
    Charlotte x

    1. Thanks Charlotte, I just had a quick peep at your blog and your blanket looks lovely too!!
      I am using a 3.5mm hook and stylecraft DK which I think actually crochets up a little thinner than other DK yarns but I love it!!
      I am struggling a bit to keep up with Little Woolie as I am making my blanket so big, 390 chain to start!
      Karen x


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