Saturday, 11 August 2012


Welcome to my blog! I'm very excited to be here - I have been thinking about blogging for some time and now I've done it! Please forgive me while I get the hang of all the fancy bits and bobs - I'm sure I'll manage to get it looking great eventually!!

So, introductions... My name is Karen, I live in Milton Keynes with the lovely Mr T and the usually lovely Miss M (she is 12 - need I say any more?!) We also have a very gorgeous tabby cat called Henry.

Hmm, mobile phone camera not great :( but Henry very gorgeous!

Which leads me to the explanation of the name of my blog. We have a shed in our garden that our cat Henry sleeps in if he can't get into the house. In reality it is a tatty, messy, full of spiders shed. But in my imagination... Oh my! In my head this shed is beautiful, it is painted in pastel stripes, it has bunting hanging around it, it has a cute little table (with a checked table-cloth) and a vase of freshly-picked-from-the-garden flowers. It is big enough for me to escape to and sit and crochet, or knit, or patchwork, or read... I think you get the idea! Henry's Shed is the craft room I wish I had, and for that reason I have chosen it as the name of my blog, where I will chat about all my crafting adventures!

There are so many things I would like to write about here, I must try not to get carried away in my first post... Maybe a good way to start would be to share with you a few of my recently finished projects? OK, let's start with ripples, I love ripples :) I have been really inspired by Lucy of Attic24, just love her blog SO much!

This was my very first ripple :)

I very quickly made another!!

Both ripples were presents for friends and unfortunately I was in such a rush to finish, wash and wrap the 2nd that I never took a picture of it finished!! Silly me.

Next was a circles in squares blanket. I really enjoyed making all the little circles, especially as they were so pretty and pink!

This was the first time I had put a proper "edge" on a blanket and I really love the way it turned out. This was another present :)

My most recently finished project was also my first ever stylecraft project. As a devoted follower of Attic24 I had oohed and aahed at Lucy's stylecraft blankets for ages and eventually gave in and ordered myself a "Lucy pack". Oh, the excitement when that big bag of yarn arrived! I squished them, rubbed them on my cheeks, laid them out in different colour combinations and generally got a bit too carried away (thank goodness Mr T was not around to see such silliness!) But I couldn't decide what to make! There were too many options so I left them for quite some time, occasionally getting them out for a squish :) The arrival of a new baby girl (to a very close friend) gave me the perfect excuse to get out the stylecraft. I picked out the girliest colours and started making granny squares. I used the join as you go method which I really like, added a pretty edge and it was finished in no time at all! The sun even managed to shine for me to take some outside photos :)

Wow! Look at how much I have waffled already! I think I am really going to like blogging :)

Next time I'll share with you the projects I have got on-the-go at the moment! I'm very much looking forward to it!

Bye for now!
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  1. Hurrah, I am a fan Karen, of your blankets and your blog! I have added you to my blog roll so I will see when a new post pops up and not miss it. My favourite is your seasidey coloured ripple, how could you give it away? I hate to say but I just bought my 2nd Lucy pack, and lots more of the other colours....oh and a clear under bed container from Wilkinsons that takes 28 balls....trouble is I need another. I am not a hoarder! I can see your shed with bunting and patchwork cushions and jam jars with sweet peas in. Our Henry's Shed went years ago, fell down and all the spiders had to move out and the tools went into the garage. Romantic notions do not happen here either! Keep up the good work Fiona x (KnitKnatKnotUK)

    1. Thank-you so much Fiona :) Wilkinsons you say...I may have to pop in. Maybe if my stash is neatly packed away Mr T will stop rolling his eyes at it!!

  2. Ohhh. Love your colour combo's. I've just started the ripple blanket. SO many colours, so many combo's. Of course I never have the colur I need so it's off to the shops to get just 1 more ball (and if you believe it's just 1 more I buy then you'll believe anything) My dd wants to "sea-side" up our shed too with stripes and bunting. Hubbys having none of it. It's a MAN shed! She did offer to paint it in various shades of blue for him....he's wavering :)

    1. Thanks for visiting Sue! I agree that yarn shopping is a dangerous (and often expensive) event! I think a blue stripey shed would look just fab! With blue bunting, and maybe blue checked curtains at the window... x

  3. Welcome to the fun land of blog☺ I love it as can go to so
    many different places around the world for inspiration.
    Love Henry and beautiful crochet ☺☺


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