Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Patchwork love

Hello lovely readers! I hope you are all well.
I wanted to share a little bit of patchwork with you today. Not that I don't have any crochet or knitting progress to show, oh no! I have been very busy of late. My 2 newest crochet projects are speeding along beautifully, and I started a knitting project today - but I will share these with you another day. Today is all about patchwork.
You may remember these from the Festival of Quilts...
My pretty goodies!
The lovelies that I bought from the NEC - ah! I was soooo desperate to start ALL the projects I had in my excited little head when we got back home! I could hardly contain myself! So I now have a fair few started and not finished bits and bobs lying about the house! As I finish them I will share - I promise :-)
If you look in the top row of the picture you will see a pack of pre-cut paper hexagons (I love hexies!!) and some scrap bags. The fabric all came out of the scrap bags and got ironed and admired greatly for it's loveliness. The little hexagons were admired for their neatness - far neater than I could have drawn and cut out myself!
And then I started cutting and tacking little pieces of fabric to little paper hexagons. Which, I have to say, was so much fun! I know paper piecing is time consuming, and that some people don't like it for that reason, but I really enjoy the repetitive wrapping and stitching, and wrapping and stitching...
I started with not much idea of what I was making.
I was just making.
Having fun.
But as time went on I decided on a teeny quilt. It won't be very big because I don't have an awful lot of fabric. But it will be big enough for me to have a go at hand quilting when the patching is all finished. So here is what I have so far - this will be the top(ish) of the quilt.

I will finish the dark green border at the top and bottom of this panel. Then I will have pretty much run out of both green fabrics. Still got lots of the patterned fabrics though!! The plan is to randomly place the remaining fabrics in a totally haphazard fashion, to contrast with the order of the top panel.

I just love how pretty all the little hexies look together!
Well, that's all the patching for tonight. I'm off to check Little Woolie's blog for the 5,000th time today to see if she has posted the pattern for the next rows of her mixed stitch stripey blanket so I can carry on with this...
My "me" blanket so far...
So many pretty things in my house at the moment :-)

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  1. It looks wonderful, Karen!! Can't wait to see how it progresses!

    (Sorry, I've been WAY behind and am slowly catching up on blogs now. :) )


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