Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Brilliant Blocking!

The blocking was a success! I left it far longer than I probably needed to because I was scared of taking out the pins (heehee) but I needn't have worried - one beautifully flat ripply scarf :-)

No chance of any full length shots I'm afraid, it is very, very long!! I have to wind it round my neck 4 times!! But it will keep my friend nice and toasty in the NZ winter.

Draped over a door!

Close up - lovely colourful ripples.
I have made a few little tweaks to my blog today, it took me a REALLY long time and I'm still nowhere near happy with it, I think it will be another WIP to add to the pile :-)

Karen xx


  1. Oh wow, what a difference, you did a great job with the scarf. I couldn't tell what it was like before, not sure how you can give it away. I can see the differences on your blog's fun playing isn't it? Fiona

  2. Your scarf is wonderful. I'm such a fan of orange and pairing it with the blue gives it a tropical feel and very unusal. I'm liking the look of your blog too :)

    1. Thanks Sue! I couldn't resist the colours of the wool either! x


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