Thursday, 23 August 2012

Granny stripe love

It's finished! My beautiful granny stripe! To be honest, I'm a little sad. It has been such a lovely project to work on, so easy, so pretty.
It is a present, for the little girl of a very good friend. She didn't have much in the way of requests - just that it had holes in (she likes to wiggle her fingers into the holes as she snuggles) and that it had some pinks and purples in it. So I decided to do a granny stripe as I had not done one before. I had a look through my stash of wool and picked out these 8 colours. I took these 2 photos when I was a few rows in, and already I was quite in love with it!

I continued to work on this (as well as all my other WIPs!) and I grew to love it more and more. I would fold it and lay it over my basket so it looked gorgeous. I wanted to take it everywhere and show it to people!

Once it was square I had to decide on an edge. How is that so hard?! I didn't want to spoil the simple loveliness of the stripes, but it really needed something.
So I started with 2 rounds of half-trebles and they looked great. Then I did 1 row of trebles, with the intention of doing another 3 or 4 rows of trebles or half-trebles. But the blanket spoke to me. She said "I'm beautiful just like this - don't spoil me with any more edging." So that was it.

I'm so pleased with the edge, simple and pretty. Just like the stripes.
I had intended to do a wider edge to make the blanket about 80cm x 80cm but because I stopped a bit early it is now about 72cm x 72cm. Perfect snuggling size.
But now I have a new problem. One I have not encountered before. Several people have said to me "How can you give away that beautiful blanket/scarf etc?" Because I have started all these projects with the intention of giving them away it has been easy. But not this one. I knew from the very start it was for little A and not me. It's not really big enough for me to use myself. But I still want it. I want it bad!
Oh, I'll give it to A - and I'll love seeing her snuggling it. But I think it might be time to crochet something for me. Something I don't have to give away. Something big enough for ME to snuggle under.
I have the perfect project in mind.....


  1. You are so right to be proud of this beautiful blanket. She will be thrilled!
    You really must make something for yourself this time and be firm that when it is finished it IS yours (unlike my blanket. My hubby has claimed it even with some very girly colours thrown in!)

  2. It is utterly gorgeous, and I absolutely adore the simple edging. My OH rolls his eyeballs when I say "one more round of picots", or whatever" he says plain is best, job well done, time to stop! Yes, the "giving away itis" is a big problem, stand firm and be selfish next time :D Fiona x


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