Saturday, 20 July 2013

Hexie quilt update

Or, I could have called this post 'Last one, last one, LAST ONE!'
I have been working hard on this quilt, my poor, sore fingers will tell you how hard I have worked.
Even though it has been stupidly hot, I have still had a big pile of quilt on my lap in any free moments I could find.
And today I will quilt the last hexie flower.
'Last one, last one, LAST ONE!'
There it is, with a pin in the middle still, waiting to be quilted, looking all pretty!
A bit of a close-up for you.
Oh, I love this quilt sooooo much! It has already gone all crinkly, just from the hand quilting.
I can't wait to get it washed and see how it turns out!
Did I mention that that lovely paisley hexie flower is the LAST ONE I have to quilt?!
I fear I may be becoming slightly hysterical about it all!
Um, one more photo?
Just because it's sooo pretty!
Urgh, don't look at the messy garden in this one, clearly I have NOT been spending my time gardening this week!!!
Right, I'm off to quilt my LAST hexie flower now :)
Then I'll make a start on quilting the edge - haha, didn't mention that did I? Bet you all thought I was almost finished!


  1. Well done. You have been working hard. Such sunny colours.
    S xx

  2. So beautiful Karen - and hand quilted too! Really lovely :)
    Natalie x


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