Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Fibre East

My first trip to Fibre East! I was really looking forward to going, and it being my first time, I was not disappointed with the location (having nothing to compare it to!). I agree that it was a little odd having some of the stalls in classrooms/sports halls, but as a teacher it all felt pretty familiar to me!! 
Anyway, enough with the location, bring on the yarn!!
I feel I should probably admit now, that I did get a bit over excited. I'm not a big lover of wool, it itches :( This is a problem. I can just about tolerate baby alpaca, because it is super, super soft. But I do find that I struggle to find really pretty yarn that I can actually use to make something for myself. So yes, a bit over excited by silk and cotton and linen and lots of other lovely non-itchy stuff!
So here it is, my pile of Fibre East goodies!
 I was super prepared for the trip. Like a crazy woman prepared. I went through my ravelry library. I chatted to the lovely Julie about some possible knit-alongs. And I wrote a list. A list of possible projects, descriptions of said projects, and yarn requirements. "If I can find yarn for 1 or 2 of these projects that will be fab." I said to myself. Hahahahaha!!! My list had 5 projects on. I bought yarn for all 5. Plus some 'just because' yarn.
Naughty, naughty me :)

So let me tell you about my purchases.
This is super gorgeous cotton lace weight yarn. Yum. Love the colours sooooo much! I will use it to make Henslowe (knit along with Julie) and possibly Celandine too. 
 This is lovely baby alpaca and Mulberry silk yarn from Drops. I will probably knit Wings and it will be all red and Christmasy and lovely :)
Now this is insanely soft!
As you can see from the label, silk and baby camel! I have not knitted with baby camel before and I'm quite excited! Did I mention how soft it is? This will be used for another knit along with Julie (we are going to be SO busy!), Cloud Illusions. Crazy, lacy, silky, soft gorgeousness!!
This is my just because yarn.
It was in the sale, which helped! But mostly I bought it because it is made from sugar cane! What?!?! Sugar cane??? So, I've no idea what I will make with it but it is super soft, totally not itchy and very pretty colours :)
 And this lovely cotton blend will become Ridgely. Love the stripes of this pattern so much!
Oh my.
So much yarn.
But it will keep me busy (and happy!) for ages!
And there will be enough left from some to make extra, not yet planned projects.
Hold on, am I trying to justify buying yarn to you???
I really don't need to do I?!!!
What I do need to do though, is decide which to knit first....



  1. Gorgeous...this is a whole new world for me. I ordered my first lot of yarn on Monday (I went for cotton too as wool itches!!) I am taking it on holiday so that I can learn to crochet...it's been on my to do list for ages, so excited. Looking forward to seeing what you create with this lovely lot. xo

    1. Oooh! I'm excited that you are learning to crochet! I only learnt about 5 years ago and I love it so much! Such a fab craft, I'm sure you are going to love it too!! xx

  2. EEEEP! Can't wait for knitting-along! Seriously, I admire our two patterns every night before bed now! It's going to be the prettiest knit-along ever! :)

  3. D'oh! Didn't meant to post that as &Stitches. Whoopsie. :) But I came back to say: P.S. I don't think you went crazy at all! And I'm not just being a good helping-to-justify friend. :) I think it was quite practical to stock up a bit while you have the chance to see how it really feels, if itching is a problem! That's why I was quite intent on finding my Marilyn Monroe color there - I knew I'd never be able to tell for sure online, so better to look for it in person while you have the chance!


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