Friday, 26 July 2013

Buttercup ta-dah!

Remember these?
I'm very excited! I finished the hexie quilt!
It has taken me just less than a year, which I'm told is pretty good as the entire quilt is stitched by hand. Hand peiced and hand quilted!
I'm afraid there are going to be a lot of photos now. Not because I love taking photos, it is my least favourite part of blogging. But because I am so pleased with the finished quilt! There have been a few moments over the last year when I wondered if it would ever be finished, if I could bear to stitch one more stitch!
But I did it. So I'm going to show off a bit!
Here it is......
Drum roll please!
 Looking pretty with the sunshine streaming through!

Hand stitched quilt label.
The quilt is called Buttercup because of all the yellow hexie flowers. The label was so much fun to stitch, and just in case you were wondering, those little hexies on the back are quarter inch hexagons.
Yes. They are small.

 My garden fence. The only place big enough to be able to see the whole quilt in one go.
Not that it is a massive quilt! It is single bed size. For Miss M.
If I can bring myself to let her have it!!
 I love how old and crinkly it looks already!!
 And the back.
Which I totally love.
You may remember that my fab friend Julie from button-button found me this perfect vintage sheet in a charity shop. You should go and visit Julie, she has just finished a quilt too! We both took our quilts to our weekly crafty meeting last night to admire!!
So that's it.
My Miss M's Buttercup quilt finished.
I'm so pleased with it. So, so pleased!
And now to plan my next quilt...


  1. Wow, that is stunningly beautiful!

  2. Gorgeous babe!

  3. Oh my, what a beautiful quilt. I love the sunny yellow colour scheme and the finnishing touches are beautiful. I'm sure you daughter will treasure it for many years to come.
    Jacquie x

  4. Fantastic quilt - I wouldn't be able to stop looking at it! Jane x

  5. LOVE. I love the label with the tiny hexies, really nice touch.

  6. Completely stunning in every way! Love those minature hexies and the embroidered label, the perfect finishing touch. xo


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