Sunday, 9 December 2012

New crochet hooks!

I treated myself to an early Christmas present! - new crochet hooks :-)
These lovely hooks came all the way from China (via ebay!) and have the most lovely bamboo handles.
I have had a little play with one of them and it is lovely to work with.
I'm looking forward to many hours of happy crochet with these :-)
I also managed to sneak into the picture the beginnings of a little dolly blanket, worked in granny squares using 2 colours of stylecraft. I do love making granny squares!

And a sweet little dolly dress too! A friend asked if I could make her daughter some dolly clothes as a Christmas present. Such fun knitting such teeny tiny things! I have another little outfit on my needles at the moment. Will post pictures soon.
Hope you have all had a lovely weekend!


  1. Cute little knitted dress. Lovely set of crochet hooks, enjoy them!!

  2. From one granny square adict to another...keep at it! I used to have knitted Tiny Tears clothes...your little dress is so dinky. Nice to finish something fast too. Fiona

  3. Gorgeous granny squares, I love the colours, and a brilliant dolly dress.

    I LOVE your crochet hooks.

  4. Those hooks are divine! <3 They look so awesome. How do they crochet? Do you like them?

    1. They crochet very nicely! They feel very smooth but are wide enough to save a bit of the finger-ache I get from 'normal' thin hooks! I'm never sure if a different hook will change my tension so finisheing off projects with the hooks I started with. But after that it will be bamboo hooks all the way! I already made a few little snowflakes with them :) One of the smaller hooks has fallen out of the handle but I reckon a bit of superglue will fix that :)
      Karen x


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