Sunday, 16 December 2012

I love my Christmas Tree!

Today we put up our Christmas tree!
I love Christmas-tree-going-up day, the choosing, the decorating, the Christmas music that just HAS to be on while the tree goes up!
And the smell!
I LOVE the smell of Christmas tree!
Miss M made a very speedy choice of tree today. Usually we look at LOADS. Twirl them. Dismiss them for being too big. Too small. Too wonky. Too skinny. I find one I like that is too big. We look at more trees. I end up buying the one that is too big!!
This year I had decided that too big just doesn't matter.
It's only there a couple of weeks so it doesn't matter that I can't get in the cupboard or open and close the curtains easily.
What matters is the loveliness of it all, and so bigger certainly means better!!
So this is the tree that Miss M choose for us.

This is (I'm ashamed to say) the best photo I could manage. I tried to take close up shots of some of my handmade decorations, but they are all blurry. Mr T is at work and he is my technical adviser :) I will get another camera lesson soon and take some photos of the decorations to share with you!!
Well, I'm feeling very festive now so I think it's time for a glass of wine and a little crochet (whilst gazing lovingly at my tree!)
Hope you all had a lovely weekend

ETA - more pictures!!
These are the pictures I was trying to take last night, and failed!
Mr T very kindly took them while I was at work :)

These were all made last year.
This year all my hand made decorations got sold!!!
But I have a few ideas for new ones, it's not too late!!

Felt Christmas tree

Felt star with an insane number of beads stitched on!!!

This little angel was a first draft. I used her to test out a few ideas, then I made 2 more for my sister's Christmas tree using the little lace cap sleeves from her wedding dress. Now every year she gets to hang a little bit of her wedding dress on her tree. And I get to hang up little my first-draft!


  1. Hi Karen, your tree and all your lovely felty ornaments looks beautiful. I agree with tree size, the bigger the better!! And have you been? Gazing and crocheting?!!

    1. Ha ha!! Not yet! Bit more running-about-like-a-headless-chicken to do first!! Christmas Eve has been set aside for resting and tree gazing! xx

  2. I love the angel trimmed with wedding dress lace idea!
    Abigail x


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