Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Handmade Christmas gifts

Hello lovely people! Have you all had a smashing Christmas?
I do hope so.
A little owl that I managed to crochet up from the lovely hopscotch lane
Today I would like to talk about handmade gifts.
Because this year I properly got my knickers in a twist.
I had so many ideas - and so little time! 2 weeks before Christmas I abandoned several ideas and bought presents instead. And Miss M's gift was given to her unfinished! (Not that she minded, she's a good girl like that!)
Has this happened to you? Please tell me I am not just hopelessly unorganised! I want to make gifts, they are so much more personal, and I have SO many ideas. But then I have to go to work, and cook the dinner, and do the ironing, and all the other mummy jobs. And crafting time gets less and less...
Anyway, I did manage to finish gifts for my mum and dad, which I would like to show you if that's ok?
I used my new quilting skills (quilt update coming soon!) to make them each a Kindle case. And I am really please with them. Wanted to keep them for myself in fact!

 This one is my dad's.
Took a long time choosing 'manly' fabric!!
LOVE this button :)

And this one is mum's.
Red and elephants. 2 of her favourite things!
And I covered this button myself.
Easy peasy and looks pretty good I think.

I'm so pleased I managed to finish them.
And now crafting is much more relaxed. I still have A LOT of things on the go, but without the pressure of Christmas Day I can enjoy them a bit more!
Mixed stitch stripey blanket has been worked on quite a bit since Christmas Eve
This is an old photo, I haven't taken any in the last few days but I will! Really soon!
I am still really loving it, I'm terribly behind with the crochet-along but I'm sure I can catch up!!

I also have my other 'secret' project to share with you now Christmas Day has been and gone! More on that very soon :)

I hope your Christmas crafting wasn't quite as frantic as mine!


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  1. Hello, hope you had a lovely Christmas. I know exactly what you mean! So many good ideas, you start early then suddenly Christmas is imminent, nothing is finished, you have so much to do and it's all gone a bit wrong. Ah well!
    The Kindle cases are wonderful though and I am sure your parents appreciated the effort and thought that went into creating them, very special.
    I am also loving your blanket. I have seen so many wonderful examples about but cannot start another one now. Maybe I shall just hook up an adorable owl for now instead! :)
    Abigail x


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