Thursday, 10 April 2014

5 little ducks

Finally - I can share these with you!

I made them for my friend's daughter, for her first birthday. She is such a little cutie, she loves ducks and her favourite colour is pink, so I couldn't resist making these!
My lovely Molly had bought me Knitted Nursery Rhymes by Sarah Keen for Christmas and I hadn't knitted any of the patterns yet, I had looked at them lots, obviously! I knew that there was a pattern for 5 Little Ducks, so knitting them in pink just seemed perfect - silly, but perfect!

I didn't get them finished quite in time, and then I got some horrid germs that I didn't want to pass on, so I've been waiting to gift these little quackers for a couple of weeks. And I couldn't spoil the surprise so I've been waiting to share them here too!
So, these 5 little ducks and their Mama went to their new home yesterday. Little Isobella loved them - I'm pretty sure her mum loved them more though!!!
They were super-fun to knit, I love Sarah Keen's books, her patterns always knit up beautifully and they're so lovely!

Another finish :) But now I must get back to that big blanket. The end is in sight!!


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