Saturday, 19 October 2013

Late - Le Challenge

Oh dear.
Just when I thought all was going well and I was getting back on track with blogging...
Le Challenge day arrived.
I was soooo close to finishing my project, but it was getting late and I knew I had to get up for school in the morning :(
But, it is finished now! So I'm sharing anyway!
The theme this month was Thriller, which I found pretty tough. I'm a bit of a grump when it comes to Halloween and this was all my brain could think about.

But then a chat with my sister got me sorted.
Me: The theme is thriller.
My sister: Ah. Michael Jackson.
Me: What am I gonna do, knit one white glove?!
My sister: White socks?
Me: Snort!!
My sister: He had a monkey though. Called Bubbles. Didn't you knit a monkey once?
Me: I have knitted 6 monkeys already. I'm pretty speedy at them now.
My sister: Sorted.

So, meet monkey number 7 - Bubbles!!

I'll be honest, he was already started. A friend (whose children have had 3 of my previous knitted monkeys!) asked if I would make one for her to give as a Christening gift. So there were a few bits of monkey in my knitting bag.

He is from a fabulous book that I just adore called 'knitted wild animals' by Sarah Keen.
I have made quite a few of the animals from this book!

He will very soon belong to a sweet little boy. I hope they have lots of fun together!
Now, I'd better get started on something for next month...
Stripes! Lots of ideas, just need to make the time!


  1. Certainly an unusual take on the theme, but a good one!

  2. Anyone would be THRILLED with a knitted monkey like that.
    S xx


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