Sunday, 13 October 2013

Catching up - and lots of projects!

Oh, I have totally failed as a blogger these past few months :(
I can't believe it's almost time to post my next Le Challenge project and I've not blogged about anything else in between!
Project bags made in the summer holidays to keep my knitting in!
I have had a 'big think' about this. I don't want to stop blogging, I like it, the sharing, the support, the lovely online friends I have made here. But, realistically, with my new job I don't have anywhere near as much time as I used to. I'm still crafting, there are knitting, crochet, patchwork, embroidery and quilting projects all on the go (and littered about the house!) but the blogging... I never seem to get to it.
My first swoon block. There will be more soon. I hope.
I have realised, during my 'big think' that this is all down to photographs. I'm not a natural photographer. I don't walk around with a camera all the time. My camera is usually hidden away somewhere with no charge. So when I think about writing a post I realise I have no photos to use. I do feel pressured to use 'good' photos in my posts, and all I have are hurried ones I snapped on my phone that are not 'staged' and don't have good light. I use these on Instagram and that's ok, IG is a more instant, snappy place. But up until now I haven't felt that I can use these on my blog.
Quilt progress. On the left, my Saturday Sampler quilt, top almost finished. On the right my vintage sheet quilt, all quilted now, waiting for binding.
So this has to change. If I want to continue blogging I have to make it quicker and easier for myself, and this is my solution. So I apologise if my photos are a bit dull, or if the light is rubbish. But I want to share my projects with you, and be part of the blogging world again!
Lots of knitting at the moment! On the left, Ridgely, which is now finished and being worn :) On the right Henslowe, which I am doing as a knit-along with the lovely Julie from button-button
There are lots more projects that are in various stages of completion that I know I have not got around to sharing, and I will try really hard to do this soon. But it is nice to be back! My project for this months Le Challenge - Thriller is almost finished, although I did have to think quite a long way out of the box this month!!
I'll leave you with a photo of Henry. Being lazy. Which he does A LOT!!

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  1. Hi Karen, I think that it is more important to do what you want and are able to do, than worry that your pictures are not perfect and therefore do nothing! Your readers understand that you are busy - just like them - and I am sure that everyone would rather hear and see what you are up to, than worry if each photo is perfectly taken and lit to perfection. I hope that is the case anyway, because my photos are far from perfect! I think that your pictures look great by the way, so if these are not "perfect" you have no reason to worry at all!! Anyway, hope that the new job is going well, even if it is keeping you busy!, and that you get your blog/life balance sorted out. Have fun with all of your WIP's too - looking forward to seeing more of your quilting. Amy xx


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